Succubus. Queen of Spades. Businesswoman. Hotwife. Snowbunny. Dominatrix. Sexual Propagandist.

About Me

A long time sexual deviant. I’ve been obsessed with human sexuality since I discovered what made my blood rush.

I believe in safe, consensual, and enriching sexual experiences. No kink is too wild as long as it is shared between consenting adults.

I am here to encourage people to let their freak flags fly and to embrace their sexuality.

What do I do?

I am the harbinger of a new society. One characterized by female empowerment and black worship. The Black New World Order is a cause I’ve dedicated myself to wholeheartedly.

I am a professional domme who has an extensive list of services that are available to members of my blog, Succubus Premium. Offerings include: SPH, JOI, chat time, advice, custom tailored dating profiles, physical items for sale, and much much more.

I am also a champion of the cuckold lifestyle. I am currently writing the most comprehensive guide to the cuckold lifestyle in existence- Cuck Academy. It is an actionable resource for those wishing to make this lifestyle a reality. The first lesson is free to members of my blog.

My Goals

  • I want to be the face that pops into your mind when someone says “interracial porn”.
  • I want to own a porn production company that films only interracial sex.
  • I want to get as many white bois cut off pussy as possible.
  • I want to be THE bimbo domme in the world.
  • I want Cuck Academy to be THE lifestyle guide that shapes a generation of beta males.
  • And arguably my most exciting/most important goal, I want 2019 to be the year I get big fake tits!

Social Media

@Becky_Phoenix on Twitter: This is the central hub of my social media presence. I am low key about taboo kinks and the BNWO in general because I believe social media profiles cannot be trusted. This account will stand when others might be taken down.

@SoStheQueen on Twitter: My flagship public blog. The place where you’ll find my interracial cuck porn feed. Get your head fucked up on every kink in the book.

NewTumbl: Want to re-live the golden age of Tumblr? This is my future home base, as Twitter and the other social media platforms become increasingly hostile to porn on their platforms. Follow me here for an account that will never go away.

Tumblr: The blog that started it all. Since the Tumblr porn ban all of my captions have become SFW. Well, the pictures at least!

Reddit: My honeypot. This is a sticky trap that I use to expose people to the BNWO. The more followers I have the more irresistible the trap becomes. Feel free to cross-post my material and take the karma- I don’t care at all. I just want more people to fall victim to my propaganda machine.

Do you want to get access to Cuck Academy, my private porn feeds, exclusive photo sets, my vlog and SO MUCH more? (Seriously, so much more)