The Succubus Experience

  • Succubus Premium: Membership to my blog and Discord server. Exclusive photo sets, access to my collection of homemade porn videos, vlogs, and essays and erotica from your Queen. Get all the details here.
  • Cuck Academy: The ultimate cuckold education. A masters course in entering and navigating the cuckold lifestyle. This comprehensive guide covers topics including kink as lifestyle, beta acceptance, how to get your girl into the lifestyle, dating for cucks and a lot more. Get all the details here

Chat with Succubus

  • Text Chat: Getting to know me and my lifestyle, advice on getting your girl blacked, advice on finding a QoS or a bull for yourself, learning about the BNWO, etc. No, we are not sexting or roleplaying.
  • Audio Calls: Done via Discord.
  • Video Calls: Done via Skype.
  • Kik: How to get more relaxed, ongoing chat time without the clock running. Limited to only five open slots at a time. The service gets more expensive if you let your subscription lapse because it's designed for more serious, ongoing relationships.

Get Your Girl Blacked or Find Yourself a Snowbunny

  • The Girlfriend Letter: A letter written from me to the woman you love, urging her to get into the cuckold lifestyle.
  • Dating Profile Consulting: Are you wanting to meet a girl who is receptive to a kinky lifestyle? I can either give you feedback or do the profile re-build personally.

Sell Your Little Pink Dicklette to Succubus

  • Keyholding: If you want to have your dick locked away and the key hanging around my neck, I can help.
  • Cum Tax: An alternative to keyholding for subs who can't commit to a cage for one reason or another. You pledge your balls to me and agree to pay a Cum Tax every time you want to jerk off or, god forbid, fuck some poor, unsuspecting woman.

Stroke Material

  • Penis/body humiliation: Want to expose your body to Succubus? Want to hear what I REALLY think of you? WARNING: I'm brutal.
  • Jerk-Off Instructions: Custom audio/video, 3 minutes pre-recorded just for you.
  • Custom Erotica: Want a sexy story written by your Queen? I absolutely LOVE to write smut. This is a good option for the white bois who wish I would dirty talk with them.
  • Private Tutoring: Porn-based private tutoring to help program you even deeper into your interracial porn addiction. Not for the faint of heart, because I will push you.

If you want to join Succubus Premium, DM me on any of my social media accounts: